Journey to Iceland

—  July 27, 2018

      A year ago to the day, I had probably completed the most incredible experience of my life. I went home with my head full of thoughts about what I had just been through. Alone, I was gone to Iceland for a whole month to help people and discover a new world.

Sheeps in a field

Sheeps in a field next to Staður

      As soon as I arrived, I quickly understood why everyone was talking about this island. Between the treeless rolling plains, the rocky peaks rising from the clouds and the omnipresent streams, the landscapes were breathtaking. However, I hadn't come here to tour the island: as a woofer, my stay was on a farm alongside an Icelandic family. I helped them on their farm to take care of the cows and sheep but also to plan for winter by preparing haystacks. I even witnessed the birth of several lambs and had to make sure that they were growing properly. But even though I worked all day, the absence of night in this season allowed me to explore the surrounding virgin lands and enjoy the endless sunsets.

Field in the Western region

Field in the Western region

      The farm was located on the shore of a fjord in the northwest of the country. Each whale festival at the end of the day was a unique moment, and while the eagles went hunting in the snow-covered mountains, the sun shone on the horizon without really touching it. The sky was on fire so many times and it was difficult for me to sleep as this show was so captivating. With my camera as a simple companion, I left my little house without really knowing where to go to try to immortalize these moments and make memories of them.

Stream leading to the fjord Sunset over the fjord

Stream leading to Hrútafjörður and a sunset over it

      During this month, I learned an important life lesson by discovering something completely new with some adorable people. And even though I have not had the opportunity to access the popular places on the island of fire and ice, I will always remember this experience that opened my eyes to the world. I can never thank enough the people who have surrounded me on this trip. Takk!

— Julien